wipro sustainability educator program photo archives

We conducted the Wipro Earthian workshop for teachers of four education blocks of our region – Palampur, Panchrukhi, Baijnath and Jaisinghpur, on 30th of August 2019 at Government Senior Secondary School Girls, Palampur. A total of 32 schools were invited for the program out of which 26 schools (one teacher/school) attended the workshop. We received permission to conduct the session from Deputy Director of Higher Education, Dharamshala.

Teachers were given an introduction of Wipro and its CSR initiatives. We spoke in detail about the Earthian program and how teachers can effectively help their students meaningfully contribute in this competition. Participating teachers were briefed on all three themes – biodiversity, waste and water. Hindi booklets for each theme were distributed to every teacher.

The teachers appreciated the content of the booklets. They found it to be extremely useful, hands-on and suggestive of nurturing curiosity in students. They could also themselves identify the interdisciplinary nature of all activities so as to include different subjects that students study. Such a workshop/approach was new for a lot of teachers and many of them said that they and their students have not participated in such a competition before.