A Sanskrit term for denoting a part or a portion.

Whenever any child is born to a human, we considerably enjoy that moment. We start thinking about the future of that new life. What will be their name, what will they become when they grow up, who will they marry, and so on. Then, when that little one grows up and starts their own life, they too repeat all these things. And this cycle continues like this.

Some consider this cycle true, and some live their lives apart from it. We spend our whole life searching for human-centric things, and in this cycle, we forget how many different lives are flourishing around us, and out of all those lives, just one life is ours.

Through this work, I am trying to show different types of lives around us, and along with all these lives, we are “just another” life form.

Work 1: Very Heavy

Installation Sculpture: Wood + Globes + Photographic Print

Due to technology and industrialization, man has reached every corner of the earth and outside the planet. Our population is also increasing day by day, and it is likely to increase further. From this point of view, it seems that we are huge in numbers on this earth.
But, if we put all the ants of the earth on one side of the scale and the other side all the humans, the scale will be slightly inclined towards the ants.
So, are we the only ones on this earth?

Work 2: It’s the same thing!

Photographs: Print on Archival Paper, Various Sizes

We are all equal in the eyes of nature. She sees everyone with the same vision, provides equal opportunities to live.
For nature, the life cycle of a human born from a womb and a tree from a seed is all the same. She doesn’t see any difference in them either.
Like a human, the tree gives rise to more trees in its lifetime and keeps on growing with time. After a certain age, the end of both is also decided.

Work 3: Save yourself

Installation: Collected Natural Specimens + Man made things use in defence.

We have found many ways to protect ourselves. We do it by using medicines, weapons, clothes, fire, etc., so that we can also take care of our future generations.
But are we the only creatures that know how to defend ourselves? Do all the other creatures also have the same kind of defense mechanisms that we have?

Work 4: Whose home is this?

Installation: Collected Natural Specimens + Scaled Models of Houses

When and where humans learned to build houses, no one will probably know the answer, but perhaps it is a very safe way because we have survived till today.
In modern life, we live in very different types of houses made of very different things. We have houses made of mud, stones, wood, etc., but homes are also being built with extraordinary things in today’s era.
But if we look around us, other animals’ houses look entirely different. Their design and the materials they used are astonishing.

Work 5: Oh, I Got Lost!

Collage: 16 x 8 ft

Life has been flourishing and ending on this earth for millions of years. Many species have become extinct, and many have been alive for millions of years.
If we believe our scientists, then there are about 8,700,000 different types of life forms or species on this earth, of which only 1,200,000 species are known to us.
And out of these 1,200,000 species found on earth, we are just another one sharing this earth with other species.
Try to find yourself among all these creatures and think, if we do not survive on this earth, will these species also survive or not, and if all these species become extinct, will we be able to survive on earth or not?