Explore Wonders of the Natural World


In the 20th century, our species is well equipped with all the materialistic things we need for our survival. Our daily life is not focused on looking for the very basic things which are food and shelter. We are more towards accumulating things for our own leisure and to achieve this we are putting huge pressure on our natural world. We are cutting our forests, killing wildlife and it always seems like the natural world is under our possession. This needs to be changed and we must do something to make our young generation aware if we need to have a stable natural world.

Our grant by the National Geographic Society

We have received a year-long grant from the National Geographic Society to conduct a biodiversity documentation project with the children of our village Kandbari, in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

Upcoming Events

Spending most of the time indoors might have allowed you to observe the natural world or biodiversity around you during the lockdown. And a lot of questions might come to you. What is this minor bug called, how and why it flies. How do other animals defend themselves? How much biodiversity is around us? Life Meets the Lens attempts to create a shared space for people who love to explore these great questions about our natural world. It is a two-day basic level workshop for nature enthusiasts in a quaint Himalayan village called Bir, adjacent to dense pine forests.