The Home River Bioblitz is a worldwide collaboration between citizens to show the importance of free-flowing rivers. It is a communal citizen-science effort to connect people to their local river environments and non-human inhabitants, zooming in to details they normally pass by while generating useful data for science and conservation. 

We were a part of this Bioblitz in 2020 and 2021, along with 1800+ individuals worldwide

Home River Bioblitz 2020

We chose our local tributary, Neugal Khad, for this event, which has existed for ages. Every Palampur born must have visited at least once on the famous old bridge over it. Its beautiful location attracts many tourists from different parts of the world.

Home River Bioblitz 2021

This year, we collaborated with Nanakmatta Public School, Uttarakhand, for the Home River Bioblitz. School is trying to make school learning holistic, joyful, and contextual for the rural students while giving them the exposure and safe democratic space to learn and grow. 

213 participants, 10,821 observations and 537 species were recorded during these two events

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