Welcome to the World of Birds

What are Birds?

Most of us know what a bird is, but it gets a little tricky when it comes to defining them. Birds are of the class Aves, and these are some of the features they possess that allow us to identify them. Possessing only one of the traits listed below is not enough to classify something as a bird (insects also have wings). To classify an observed species as a bird, it will need to have all of the traits listed below in its natural state.

A little more about birds

There are about 10,000 species of birds alive today. They are found on every continent, inhabiting habitats ranging from the freezing poles to the scorching deserts of our world.

Birds are the descendants of certain species of dinosaurs whose forelimbs evolved into wings. They are the closest living relatives of the reptiles we know today. They are among the most diverse vertebrates found on the planet.

We were able to document around 65 different species of birds so far from the Palampur region. We are not aware of the total number of birds species present in this specific region, as no studies have been done so far in our knowledge. But, according to the Great Backyard Bird Count conducted in 2018, there are 332 bird species in Himachal Pradesh.

Explore the Birds of Palampur.

We tried to showcase the amazing diversity of Birds found in Palampur region. Please click on the specific Order to know more.

Perching birds
Order: Passeriformes

Birds of prey except Falcons
Order: Accipitriformes

Order: Charadriiformes

Hoopoes and Hornbills
Order: Bucerotiformes

Order: Coraciiformes

Order: Galliformes

Order: Gruiformes

Medium-sized and large waterbirds
Order: Pelecaniformes

Woodpeckers and close relatives
Order: Piciformes

Parrots and close relatives
Order: Psittaciformes

Nocturnal birds of prey
Order: Strigiformes

Order: Suliformes