Life Meets the Lens is an attempt to educate students and general public to explore the natural world and witness its remarkable biodiversity.

The idea is to help people become aware of the thousands of life forms that thrive in an invisible and delicate web of interdependence to ensure a balance of various natural processes on our planet. Through this project, people gain the perspective to look at life from a scientific lens as opposed to the day-to-day socio-economic lens which unfortunately is skewed unfairly towards a human-centric view. 

We create a friendly learning environment for students and adults where they can study, experiment and have meaningful conversations about the natural ecosystems, to which we all are so closely connected. As a part of this, we conduct workshops that include nature walks, field observations, data collection, its analysis, documentation and dialogues with experts that can help find broad correlations between different findings.

Vikram Singh: Co-Founder

Vikram Singh, 36, is an avid Life Sciences enthusiast and a self-trained naturalist with a particular interest in insects. In 2017, he started a project called Life Meets the Lens that encourages people to explore the natural world and witness its remarkable biodiversity. He uses his self-created nature museum to share the story of different life forms that exist around us. He is a National Geographic Explorer. He has an undergraduate degree in Botany and a Master's in Human Genomics from Panjab University, Chandigarh, India. He also has research experience in insect taxonomy from Tel Aviv University, Israel, under his second master's. More about him can be read here:

Apoorva: Co-Founder

Apoorva grew up and lived most of her life in the chaos of big cities. A new world opened up before her when she left her job as a marketer and moved to Palampur in 2016. She experienced a new life in the mountains, and lived closer to nature than ever before. She now believes that one can learn more about life and self if one spends more time observing the invisible forces of nature. Through this initiative, she wanted to share the wonders of the natural world with her fellow human beings who owing to a myriad of reasons have unknowingly turned their backs to those vital forces that sprung them into existence in the first place. To her, this is an initiative of hope, love and care for our dear planet.

She has an undergrad degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration.

Update - For the many new explorations that Apoorva wished to be a part of, it was needed for her to move out of Palampur. Since 2020, Apoorva lives in a different city and is no longer associated with the day to day activities of the initiative. However, she continues to support, care and believe in the mission of Life Meets the Lens with all her heart.