Water Strider

Walking on water would be a superpower to crave for! While it may never happen for humans, there are a few insects that have the amazing ability to walk, eat and mate on the surface of water bodies. Water Striders are small insects that are adapted for life on top of still water. They use water’s surface tension to walk easily on the top of it. Scientists studying these insects have seen thousands of microscopic hairs on a Water Strider’s legs which trap air as a result of which increase water resistance of its legs and overall buoyancy of the insect. Besides this, these small insects play an important role in the ecosystem. They feed on small larvae of other insects which includes mosquitoes also. On the other hand they also act as food for fishes. . In this video we can see the free flow moment of this beautiful insect on water surface and the formation of small craters where the legs come in contact with water.

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