Most of us tend to hate leeches, and why not? These blood sucking creatures not only feed on us but also scare us with the way they look and move around. However, they actually are very interesting creatures to study and there even are some species of leeches which do not depend on blood for food. Leeches can live on almost every corner of this planet. They are mostly seen during monsoons or times of high humidity. Leeches release an anticoagulant and an anesthetic when they are sucking blood, which is the reason why we don’t feel the leeches when they suck blood. We have even put their property to anti-coagulate for human medicinal use. It has been raining a lot in Himachal since the past few days and these creatures were back in sight. The latter half of the video shows a leech that grew enormously in size and was actually taken out of the nose of a cow in our neighbourhood! 

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