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This video describes the importance of a very small group of insects called Aphids in the very large ecosystem. Our ecosystem is very uniquely designed by nature and every single species plays a very important role in it. A very small interference will lead to major after effect.

Stink Bug

We often use the word bug for any kind of insect, but true bugs are insects that can pierce and suck. There are thousands of species of true bugs around us. If we talk about the way they intake food, some pierce in to other insects and suck out the nutritious fluid, other bugs like …

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Most of us tend to hate leeches, and why not? These blood sucking creatures not only feed on us but also scare us with the way they look and move around. However, they actually are very interesting creatures to study and there even are some species of leeches which do not depend on blood for …

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Snails mostly prefer to live in shades and moist places during the day and mostly seen in huge number during the monsoon time. We can find them very often in our gardens eating our flowers and few green leaves. Despite their slow moments on land they play very important role in the ecosystem. Many bird …

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Water Strider

Walking on water would be a superpower to crave for! While it may never happen for humans, there are a few insects that have the amazing ability to walk, eat and mate on the surface of water bodies. Water Striders are small insects that are adapted for life on top of still water. They use …

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Cinerous Tit

Food is the basic need of every individual living on this planet, be it unicellular microbes or complex organisms like us. Most organisms consume food present in the natural form and only humans can cook and process raw food items for intake. It’s still unknown as to when our ancestors first discovered the art of …

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Mongooses are small mammals which are very common in Asian countries. Usually they live in groups and are mostly active during day time. They feed on insects, rodents, earthworm, lizards and birds. It’s a common sight to spot them burrowing the ground to find food. It has been very well documented that mongooses can fight …

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